We negotiate and lower your bills

Dyme does the boring negotiations with your providers. If we succeed then we split the savings, 70% for you and 30% for us. If the negotiations are unsuccessful, it doesn't cost you a thing!

Lower my bills
How it works:
Click Lower my bills above and fill in some details.
We call your providers to get a discount on a new annual contract.
Success? Then you pay less for exactly the same subscription. Perfect.

We do the boring negotiations

You don't want to do that. We understand. So sit back and relax while we do the
hard work for you.

You only pay us if we're successful

By success we mean a minimum saving of €100 over a year. That saving is split with
70% for you and 30% for us.

Lower my bills

You're in good company

336 reviews
My subscription has finally been canceled!
No one could help me until Dyme came along. Thanks!
Very happy with Dyme and the way they work. Safe, transparent and reliable.

💫 102.009 people have already lowered their bills through Dyme

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